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Thank yous………. In this busy day and age people are not as brilliant at saying thank you as they once were (and let’s face it – there is really no need to say thank you for something that you have purchased) but flowers, even edible ones, seen to be an exception. This week I have had 5 emails from people appreciating the time and effort put into meeting their specific requirements and helping them get the best out of their edible flowers. More to the point a couple have included pictures which is just wonderful. Each week, I pick and pack up flowers and salads to be sent off to events all over the country (and sometimes abroad), to people I have built up relationships with, as we discuss colours, flavours, uses etc. The flowers then wing their way off by courier and I am left wondering how they looked and if all went as the customer or bride would have wanted. So these thank yous are very much appreciated, particularly given how difficult the growing conditions are this year and I though I would therefore share them with you. This wonderful cake was made by The White Box Cake Co. This was Sasha’s first time crystalising real flowers and we talked it through on the phone and via email. Brilliantly talented. Liz from Cornwall then emailed me to say that she had used her specifically chosen edible flowers for a floral dinner party and had won ‘Come Dine with Me’ on the back of it. I had no idea that this was what they were being used for. ‘To be show on Channel 4 in 4 weeks time’. (Unfortunately Channel 4 did not let her take any pictures!)


Here Jade used two two boxes of fresh mixed seasonal edible flowers to decorate these stunning looking cakes for a reception in London. They look so vibrant and full of the promise of summer. Then Joyce popped around and I got an email from Annie in London both saying thank you so much for their floral salads which they incorporated in their Jubilee celebrations. The Dulford Street Party comprised a day of celebrations for all ages with hog roast and fireworks. Annie’s was a lunch party and she was particularly pleased as she could see the whole pageant from her London window. So THANK YOU for the thank yous. When I am standing in a muddy field with water running down the back of my neck it makes the world of difference!


Author: Jan Billington

Author: Jan Billington

Jan. The mastermind behind Maddocks Farm Organics and now The Edible Flower Garden. A touch gobby! Scares most chefs. Loves gin and a french accent.

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