You can order the flowers as soon as you like and we would recommend this as we get oversubscribed pretty much every weekend of the year.

When you order you will be asked to choose which date on which you would like your flowers delivered. For 2023 we are offering a limited delivery service from Wednesday to Friday. All our flowers are sent to be delivered next day by lunch time. If you have a special occasion for which you would like to use the flowers then we would recommend ordering the flowers to be delivered two days previous day. The fresher the flowers are used the better so not sooner than this. For example for a Saturday wedding we would suggest delivery on the Thursday or collection on the Friday morning. The flowers are then fine in their punnets in the fridge until the Saturday morning.

We have had such appalling service from the local and national courier services that we have resorted to using Royal Mail again. As a small on line business we are very much stuck between a rock and a hard place as non of the delivery options are excellent and we have absolutely no control once the flowers have left the farm. In our experience Royal Mail might delay an occasional package but the couriers tend to delay all of them. We are not offering delivery to the Islands or Highlands for 2023 either.