Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me some advice on which flowers to choose?

There is a list of available flowers on the website shop. All of these are suitable for decorating cakes. When you make your enquiry it will ask you the date you are using the flowers and we can advise further from there.

How do I know if there is availability for the date I want?

When you make an initial enquiry the form will ask you for the date you would like delivery and we will check possible availability and confirm back to you.

No orders or dates are confirmed until the payment has been made.

Can I choose the colour or type of flowers?

We pick boxes to order so you can choose the colour, style and size of your flowers and we will do our best to comply as long as they are available. When you order there is a ‘comments’  section for sending further information. Please use and abuse it. You can also choose seasonal mixed boxes for different occasions and individual boxes of flowers via our online shop. You can see the different colours of flowers that we sell here.

I should add that for 2023 we are just finding our feet with a new site so will have less choice and availability than in previous years. Flowers will be reserved on a first come first served basis.

How do I know what flowers are in season?

The products listed on the website shop let you know what is in season when (subject to availability).

For 2023 we are only offering summer flowers as we find our feet on a new and tricky site. Hopefully we’ll have more availability for 2024.

You can also see at a glance what is in season when here.

How many flowers do I need for my cake?

This is a tricky one because it is all down to how ‘floriferous’ you would like your cake or dish. Generally speaking we roughly recommend one box per tier – the three pack is enough for a three tier cake (10,8,6 inch) with a slightly larger display on the top and two boxes to decorate the shoulders of the tiers. If you want additional flowers for the base of the cake – i.e. if it is sitting on a board or tray then you will need a few more. The number of flowers per box is listed on the product page to help.

When should I order my flowers?

We would recommend ordering them at least four weeks in advance for a wedding or occasion. During the summer months we get booked up for weekends several weeks in advance so if your flowers are for a special occasion then definitely pre-order. When you order you will specify the date you would like them delivered. We recommend that you set the delivery date to the day before you want to use the flowers.

Is there a deadline by which  flowers must be ordered for overnight delivery?

Yes. We are only a small company and pick every box to order. We also need to check availability and deliver to the Post Office. Therefore you need to order your flowers by 4pm for orders to be confirmed and payment made. The flowers will be picked and dispatched the following day. They will then arrive by 1pm on the subsequent day. eg You will need to have ordered by 4pm on Tuesday to receive flowers by 1pm on Thursday. 

How are the flowers delivered?

Our flowers are sent by overnight courier. They are picked and packed by us and popped in a chiller until the courier collects them. They are then transported overnight to hopefully arrive with you before 12 noon.  (We can arrange for a 10am delivery at an additional charge). We have problems with all couriers in these difficult times so make allowances and if you need flowers by a certain time then order for delivery the day previous. If your flowers are not with you by 2pm then email us and we can chase. The flowers are packaged in recycled and recyclable punnets in thermally insulated cardboard boxes with chiller packs. The couriers guarantee the flowers will be there next day and they also pack the boxes by hand at the depot rather than using standard parcel conveyor belts.

What time are the flowers delivered?

See above. Generally between 7am and 12 noon for the timed service. Don’t get caught out by an early delivery. Leave a note for where they can be left safe. This applies to mainland England, Wales and parts of Scotland. We cannot send to Islands and Highlands and Northern Ireland as this is a two day service and the flowers won’t stay fresh. Order for delivery the day BEFORE  you need them in case the couriers are delayed. If your flowers are not with you by 2pm then email us and we can chase.

Courier costs

Unlike some edible flower sellers we only charge you what the Royal Mail delivery costs us. There is no mark up for packaging costs etc. That is included in the price of the flowers.

A standard delivery of edible flowers costs £8.95. If you want to order more than 8 boxes then please contact us for a price.

Does the price include VAT?

There is no VAT on edible flowers as they are a food product. We are currently using Royal Mail next day service for delivery and they do not charge VAT on delivery.

If I want my flowers for a particular date can I pre-order them and how much notice do you need

You can pre order the flowers as soon as you like and we would recommend ordering early as we frequently get oversubscribed particularly for 2023 when we are relocating and growing on a much smaller scale. You can specify which date you would like the flowers delivered when you order. If you have a special occasion for which you would like to use the flowers then we would recommend ordering the flowers to be delivered either one or two days previous. Once the flowers leave the farm we are at the mercy of delivery drivers so we send securely packaged with lots of chillers.

What do I do if I’m going to be out when they are delivered

The short answer is don’t be out as the flowers will be carded and taken away if they are not signed for. We can arrange delivery to your home, your office, your neighbour or even direct to your wedding venue. It is entirely up to you. All we need is the full postal address; a contact name and a mobile phone number. We send via Royal Mail next day by 12 and the flowers will require a signature they cannot be left safe. We take no responsibility for any flowers carded. They are a perishable food item and need refrigerating asap. It is your responsibility to be there for delivery or make suitable arrangements.

Where do you deliver?

We can deliver to any mainland UK address but not the Highlands nor Islands nor Northern Ireland. If you are getting married away from your home you and we can arrange to send the flowers to be sent directly to the venue and arrange for somebody to pop them in the fridge for you. Don’t order them more than two days before you are using them. Once picked flowers like to be chilling in the fridge. They don’t like travelling.

Sadly we can’t send to Northern Ireland nor the Highlands, the Isle of Man, nor and the Channel Islands as we cannot find reliable courier service to get the flowers there in good enough quality and on time. We send via Royal Mail overnight next day by 1pm.

What do I do with my flowers when they arrive?

Remove the outer packaging for recycling asap. The flowers should then be popped into the fridge in their punnets as soon as they arrive and left there until they are used. Make sure your fridge is not set below 4* or more tender flowers will get frost bitten even in their punnets and will go brown around the edges of the petals.

How long will my flowers last in the fridge?

This largely depends upon the variety of flowers. As a rule of thumb between two and four days. Smaller and more delicate flowers will not keep as well as larger more robust flowers. For 2023 we are only offering deliveries on Wednesday to Friday as we develop the business. If those dates is already fully booked or you plan to use the flowers on Monday/Tuesday then apologies please try another supplier. Remember that these are fresh flowers that are out of water so they will not last indefinitely. You want them to be as fresh as possible when you use them. Alternatively consider petal confetti or dried flowers which hold better.

Can I place an order over the phone?

Apologies but no. We don’t have the facilities to take telephone orders. Also orders made via the website allow the customer to choose delivery dates, to use a choice of payment methods and to supply detailed information about which flowers they would like.

Can everyone eat edible flowers?

We would suggest avoiding edible flowers if you have severe pollen allergies. Some edible flowers are part of the celery, mustard or onion family so if you are allergic to those ingredients then those flowers should be avoided. Pregnant or breast feeding women, small children and the elderly or vulnerable should exert the same caution when trying edible flowers for the first time as when trying any other new food group.

The petals are the edible parts of flowers. The stems are merely decorative. Some such as pansies and violas are edible but others such as rose stems are unpalatable and should be removed before eating.

I don’t want a whole box just a few flowers. Can I just order a couple of flowers?

Apologies but no. The flowers range in number per box according to size. We don’t offer small boxes for two reasons:

Firstly our organic, recyclable packaging and chillers are expensive. Rightly so. We want a zero carbon footprint for the planet. The packaging for each delivery costs us in the region of £4.

Secondly every box is picked personally to order so even the simplest box to pick will take at least 10 minutes to prepare plus the time to pack it up, take payment for and administer. Our workers are payed beyond a living wage. There are several large edible flower wholesalers who import in vast quantities from South Africa and don’t pay a UK living wage or have the same organic standards and they are able to offer cheaper alternatives and smaller packages but I am afraid we don’t operate like this.

There is an insect in my box of flowers what shall I do?

Honestly it can happen and does happen. We are an organic business and never spray our flowers. We also actively encourage as much insect life as we possibly can. Any stowaways are usually pollen beetles, tap them out of the box and either release them or despatch them. They are completely harmless, carry no diseases and cause no damage to the flowers which are still safe to eat. If the weather has been particular close then there might be thunder flies lurking in the petals particularly with flowers such as elderflower and any of the daisy family which they are particularly fond of. Environmental Health suggest that ebible flowers should be washed before use. This has to be done incredibly carefully as it can damage the integrity of the flower structure and petals but is an option if you are concerned.

If I want my flowers for a particular date when should I order them?

You can order the flowers as soon as you like and we would recommend this as we get oversubscribed pretty much every weekend of the year.

When you order you will be asked to choose which date on which you would like your flowers delivered. For 2023 we are offering a limited delivery service from Wednesday to Friday. All our flowers are sent to be delivered next day by lunch time. If you have a special occasion for which you would like to use the flowers then we would recommend ordering the flowers to be delivered two days previous day. The fresher the flowers are used the better so not sooner than this. For example for a Saturday wedding we would suggest delivery on the Thursday or collection on the Friday morning. The flowers are then fine in their punnets in the fridge until the Saturday morning.

We have had such appalling service from the local and national courier services that we have resorted to using Royal Mail again. As a small on line business we are very much stuck between a rock and a hard place as non of the delivery options are excellent and we have absolutely no control once the flowers have left the farm. In our experience Royal Mail might delay an occasional package but the couriers tend to delay all of them. We are not offering delivery to the Islands or Highlands for 2023 either.