G&T – Pink Lavender Cocktails

by | Jul 4, 2021

Wedding cocktails with edible flowers

This is number 2 in a series of West Country Wedding Cocktails from a wonderful collaboration between Maddocks Farm Organics; the genius that is Catherine Cheek from Christopher Piper Wines; and the stunningly romantic wedding venue of Lower Grenofen – Ever After A Dartmoor Wedding where lovely host Nicola celebrates all that is fabulous about the getting married in our beautiful part of the world. Photography by the very talented Guy Harrop.


  • William Chase apple gin
  • Chase elderflower liqueur
  • Fever-tree tonic
  • Squeeze of lime.
  • Organic sprigs of blush pink organic edible lavender from The Edible Flower Garden.
  • Method

    For a more sophisticated version of the traditional G& T and perfect for a summer wedding, make this cocktail to your G & T preferences and then add a generous dash of Chase elderflower liqueur and a squeeze of lime. Use pre-chilled Collins glasses and build up over ice-cubes. Garnish with a sprig of blush pink organic lavender. Chase is the UK’s only single estate distillery founded by farmer William Chase in Hereford in 2008 and offers a range of wonderful liqueurs using West Country Fruit and flowers such as elderflower. Organic soft pink English lavender, from The Edible Flower Garden, has a softer flavour and more splayed flowers with a heavenly scent and is perfect as a garnish for your cocktail.*

    *Always ensure your lavender is grown for human consumption and unsprayed.