Bumblebee Fundraising Day at Maddocks Farm Organics!

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Anybody who knows me knows that I am pretty obsessed with bees (and gin but that’s a whole different post!) . All bees but bumbles in particular. So I am really excited that The Bumblebee Conservation Trust is coming to run a bee course at Maddocks Farm Organics on 19th July including a tour of the flower farm and a bee count. So many questions…

How many? What types? AND most important… how we can help bees?

                                  Form an orderly queue…… behind me. Either sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for updates. I am the bee whisperer…..  not really but when its cold in February this Queen appreciated some diluted honey to help her on her through the day….. bit like me and gin!


Author: Jan Billington

Author: Jan Billington

Jan. The mastermind behind Maddocks Farm Organics and now The Edible Flower Garden. A touch gobby! Scares most chefs. Loves gin and a french accent.

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